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Music is my passport to the realm of emotions, guiding listeners on a transformative journey. From a young age, I have been captivated by the immersive power of film scores and soundtracks, witnessing how music can elevate experiences and narrate stories.


As a versatile artist, I wear many hats in the realm of music - I am a composer, songwriter, producer, musician, vocalist, and guitarist. My expertise is available for session work, soundtrack and score commissions, as well as live performance opportunities.


For over two decades, I have dedicated my life to music. My journey began with the iconic rock band JETTBLACK, where I served as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. From 1998 to 2018, we crafted five studio albums and embarked on extensive tours throughout the UK and Europe.


Drawing from my rich experience as a musician and songwriter, I have delved into the realm of soundtrack production across a spectrum of genres - ranging from cinematic and blues to folk and electro. My diverse portfolio includes compositions for websites, branded videos, podcasts, and web series. Notable clients I have collaborated with include Coca Cola, Hark, UK Creative Festival, Red Bull, Martha Stewart, Huawei, Land Rover, CAT, Blue Fox Music, Historical Royal Palaces of London, Rematch Live, and Wimbledon.

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