Music to me is the key to unlocking emotion and taking the listener on a journey. I’ve always been obsessed with submersing myself in film scores and soundtracks – marvelling at the power music has to enhance and to tell a story. 

I’m a composer, songwriter, producer, musician, singer and guitarist. I’m available for session work, soundtrack & score commissions and live opportunities. I’m based in Berkshire, but my music takes me all over the country (and sometimes beyond).

I’ve lived and breathed music for over 20 years. It started with classic rock band JETTBLACK– in which I was the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter. Between 1998 and 2018 we recorded five studio albums and toured the UK and Europe extensively.

My experience as a musician and songwriter has lead me to produce a variety of soundtracks in various genres – from cinematic/theatre and blues to folk and electro. This has included work for websites, branded videos, podcasts and web series. Previous clients include: Land Rover, CAT, Blue Fox Music, Historical Royal Palaces Of London, Rematch Live and Wimbledon.

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