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Mark Murphy

Writer and director for Rematch Wimbledon 1980.

“I love working with composers. I’ve been lucky enough to experience, with all, a prodigious talent. With a select few an incredible attention to detail and deadlines. With even fewer, a wonderfully harmonious working relationship. Working with Will on Rematch Wimbledon 1980, I got the lot!”


Les Seddon Brown

Partner at - Rematch Live

"Finding a composer that understood our vision for the Rematch project was a vital piece of the puzzle. Music has such a powerful ability to transform emotions and transport an audience. Will’s music did that with gusto. From the soundtracks to a plethora of content released, through to the emotional score of the show. Will’s music evoked power, finesse and nostalgia, reflective of the epic historical clash.  This whilst somehow all at once creating something totally contemporary and fresh, in record time!"

signal square-01.jpg

Mark Turner

Creative Director at Signal 

“Will is a joy to work with. Always positive, very responsive, and highly versatile. Most importantly his compositions always hit the nail on the head. We have just completed a series of films to support a client’s rebranding. We wanted to give them something special and unique. Will created a wonderfully atmospheric piece that works perfectly with our visuals. His music succeeds in energising the films whilst also gently nudging the heartstrings. The client was thrilled with the end result and so are we.”


Matt Oliver

Digital Producer at - Historic Royal Palaces

'If you're after a high quality composition with unrivalled attention to detail, combined with a smooth process from conception through to delivery, then Will is the composer to work with. Totally lifted the level of our production here at Historic Royal Palaces.'

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Lisa Meakin

Head of Marketing at -Bullitt Group

"Bullitt Group have used Will’s services on two very distinct brands videos for product launches. On both occasions he was able to fulfil the brief and complete the unique soundtracks in a short space of time. Using a composer to create something fresh, on brand and of high quality was a great way to tell the story of the product and its positioning.

Will is very easy going and a pleasure to work with, we’d recommend him to any brand who are in search of a personalised touch to their content." 

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